They say you should never work with children or animals, good thing my little iPhone app works with both.


In a couple of weeks, and with zero investment in advertising, Look Birdy, my little app that helps parents take better photos of their kids has been downloaded thousands of times in over 32 countries and counting – I for one am flummoxed by this reaction, but am certainly enjoying the ride.

Apart from  parents and pet owners posting photographic proof that the app works from, here are some of the highlights so far…

Being featured on the site that taught me how to take a t-shirt off with one hand and chill a beer using a wet paper towel.

Making uber-awesome New York designer, blogger, Creative Mornings instigator Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka Swiss Miss) smile.

Getting an Anchor-Woman in Atlanta Georgia spreading the word.

Getting a nod from the great Digital Buzz Blog.

Having the company who invented the light-bulb acknowledge this slightly less crucial innovation.

Being endorsed by a Malaysian pop-star.

And requests and suggestions for more sounds, an Android version of the app, and an app dedicated to dogs.

It’s been a weird and wonderful few weeks, and if it all ended here I’d be pretty happy, but it seems that things aren’t slowing down just yet.